Sunday, February 1, 2015

What to Talk About?

Some o'y'all some depressin' mofos.

Or maybe it's reflective conjecture. But, how am I suppose to feel when people 10 or 20 years older than me are more or less in the wandering, clueless position that I'm in. But, as someone once told me, it seems like you never really "figure it out." Something that was said to me when I told someone I wish I was 30 by now because maybe, by that time, 30 year old me would have something figured out.

But, I guess that's really it, isn't it? I can't hold myself accountable for...well, myself, but 30 year old me probably could. But, I don't really think of 30 year old me as me, he's a different guy. He's me in the future, not me now. But, future me has always had my back before...I mean, most of the time. Why do I procrastinate so much? Because future me knows how to get things done while under pressure. At least, short term future me knows how to get things done. Would long term future me be able to prove himself?

Well, maybe. I have vague ideas. I'm more or less preparing. The future doesn't scare me(too badly).

So, I'm going to balance the scale a bit by trying to talk about, I guess.

Okay, here's something...just bear with me.

Indulge me in letting me talk about a Korean drama.

I've been watching one recently. It's on Netflix and, honestly, you might want to give it a go.

It's called City Hunter.

So, the story behind me watching this is that I'm learning Korean right now and finding a show might help me out. I've had a run in with a drama before and, just from reading the plot summaries of the dramas, I was convinced that all of them were running from the same kind of formula. Just set some complex stories in the background of two characters who happen to be male and female, have them hate each other at first, and then have them eventually fall in love or something. I haven't really gotten that far to see if the two characters eventually got together, but after seeing my first Drama where a smart alien from outer space dealing with a rich spoiled brat only to follow a superstitious tradition she follows because he starts to have feelings for her kind of makes guessing how it all turns out kind of not that hard.

Reading the plot summary on this made me think I was in for a different ride. The main characters father is killed and now he's out for revenge Kill Bill style. And, yeah, this movie provides a lot of the hand to hand brawling I could ever wish for in any kind of series, this is still the background for a love story where the main character and the female lead have to work together, even though they bicker all the time, so they can eventually fall in love...probably, I haven't gotten that far yet, but I can't imagine this going in any other kind of direction.

How does it all play out? Well, of course the whole thing is based off of misunderstandings. Of course the main character is told not to fall in love because it will blow his cover. Of course the female lead gets involved in a kiss from the main character due to him trying to get out of a situation only for him to find out that it was the female character's first kiss.

But I'd be lying if I said the whole thing just didn't work for me because I'm sort getting caught up in the whole experience, even if there are a lot of parts that don't make any sense to me. 'Tis a weird time where a complicated government conspiracy plot makes more sense than some of the main characters actions involving his love interest. But, even with some parts that make me scratch my head, I'm still engaged and even touched by some of these parts. It kind of brings me back to my middle school days when I actually cared if Jim and Pam from the Office got together(those soap opera parts from The Office just kind of bore and sicken me now), and if you can imagine Jim and Pam up against the kind of plot setting that involves government conspiracies with some hand to hand action scenes, you might get an idea of what this show is like.

There was this once scene that reminded me of the Bond movie, Licence to Kill(if there is at least one other person in that class who saw that movie, please say so so I can give you the ultimate prize), where Bond is bargaining with the main Bond girl over something and, as they discuss prices, they decide to kiss each other for not much of a discernable reason. It's scenes like those that just make me question everything, but maybe I just need a normal human being to tell me how I'm suppose to feel during those scenes so I won't get confused.

Even though I feel a little duped that this still has some conventions of other Korean dramas, it's still incredibly enjoyable and fun to watch. It's rare that you get to see action scenes filmed in this way on a TV show and it's even rarer when action scenes are done this well. Even the love story behind it all find its place decently into the story. If you need something slightly different in your life when it comes to watching something on Netflix, you might want to give this a go.

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