Saturday, January 24, 2015

A New Blog?

Well, why not?

This was started for my Creative Writing class, but (who knows?) I might just keep posting here even when I no longer do it for creative writing.

I usually talk about movies here.

Sean's Inexperience with Movies

So, here is my sister blog to that blog. I had a hard time thinking up a name for this blog(I was seriously considering "Sean and the Growing Battle of Communism because it was tongue and cheek and stuff), but it felt fitting to call it this.

In this blog, you'll get an idea of what goes on in my mind and the things I find interesting. So, either you'll be intrigued by the things I think about and maybe even find yourself thinking about the same things as I do'll find out how boring my mind really is.

Until then, here's a funny video of George Carlin!

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